Camera Calibration on vehicles

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Re: Camera Calibration on vehicles

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ShermansGlass wrote: August 15th, 2019, 12:31 pm We bought the Opti-Aim system from Pilkington...

It is billed on Safelite EDI as adasrecalservice and on Lynx EDI as RECAL-RTL-DYNAMIC/STATIC/BOTH (depending on which one you do).

Both Lynx and Safelite have paid $300 to the shop for recalibration of the vehicles that we have performed them on.
Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately I just seen it and it's now 2024! How is your business going with the Calibration. You got in pretty early and would like to know what are some of the biggest issues you have faced. I added the service last fall in 2023. Purchased the Mobile Launch equipment and scanner. Thanks.
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