Post your windshield repair tips, questions, advice! Note there is a sub-forum specifically for business development questions.
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Just wrapped up the first year owning a WSR Tent at a mall location. I absolutely love it. I am thinking my next step this year will be to add long crack repair as a new promoted service. I may try and get a few fleets as well. If anyone out here has advice on what would be the best way to increase sales after the 1st year I would appreciate the advice. Thanks again to Delta Kits for all the help and advice it is a blessing.
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I found adding long crack was counter productive, all it did was tell people not to bother having a small chip repaired until it became longer. I am very capable of doing long cracks and have taught many people over the years how to do them.

Increasing sales in my humble is about getting away from a tent and talking to fleets and dealers, getting your foot in the door and getting work 12 months of the year.
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