pit cloudy

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pit cloudy

Post by HoustonGuy »

I did this practice repair which was a big break about the size of quarter and 7 legs. In the picture the legs look good but if really look close you can see some slight ghost like lines. But my main question is should the pit dry clear.
put small amount of delta pit resin
put on tab
scrap with new blade
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Re: pit cloudy

Post by Brent Deines »

It may be just the photo but it definitely looks whiter or cloudier than it should if you have already applied the pit polish.

What it really looks like to me is that the pit filler did not adhere properly, such as when applied to a windshield that has been coated with Rain-X. When that happens the pit filler is not flush with the glass, and therefore cannot be polished properly.

Did the pit filler scrape off normally, or did it seem to flake off rather than scrape off?

Could you still feel the pit after the pit filler had been applied, cured, scraped, and polished?
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Re: pit cloudy

Post by Glass Patch »

I can't tell for sure what you did, but it looks like a dirty pit. When drilling you want to remove the dust caused by the drilling. In the way back machine of repair, LOL I was taught to drill with the resin and dirty pits where common. I stopped that method when I knew better. You just wear out the bits a little faster but the repair looks better.
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