Insurance Requirements for Mobile Replacement Only

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Insurance Requirements for Mobile Replacement Only

Post by chipawaymobile » September 12th, 2018, 7:39 am

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted. I had wanted to add replacement to my repair business for a while now, but had no prior training. I had bought out a guy for a couple grand who was getting out of the industry a while back, but I couldn't just "learn as I go" and mess up countless number of customer's vehicles.

:idea: So, I figured I might as well get paid to learn, and picked up a tech job at one of the big glass companies in the area. As usual, God placed me right where I needed to be. I was fortunate enough to ride with and learn from a few guys who have been replacing glass about as long as I've been alive. ;) About as long, they're not that old. ( In case you guys happen to read this)!
I've worked there for going on three years now and want to start back full time with my own business.

RLI was perfect for my repair only business. What and where do you guys recommend for liability insurance for my business. I am only mobile, and with the exception of maybe a Class A RV ( The forklift makes this so much easier! :) ), would not work out of my shop, so maybe I can work around garage keepers ins.

So I say all that to ask this; what is the minimum liability I need to work with all the TPA's and meet state requirements, (TN), and what are a couple of different companies that seem to work well with our industry. And should I go above the minimum requirement? What's the best, and by best I mean cheapest, route to go to meet my insurance requirement?

As a side note, I really do appreciate Brent and everyone else who puts this board together, and everyone else who takes the time to read and respond to strangers you don't even know just because you want to help. Thank You All.

I'll try and pass the blessing along, and as always, leave it a little better than the way I found it. :)

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Re: Insurance Requirements for Mobile Replacement Only

Post by Mattimeo » January 12th, 2019, 1:16 pm

In our area we have up to 100% Off Deductible on insurance. Even for our mobile customers. For us it works really well. A lot of people are willing to try us out if we can take a large percentage off the upfront cost with insurance. ... r-vaughan/

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Re: Insurance Requirements for Mobile Replacement Only

Post by RCRNR » June 12th, 2021, 6:30 pm

Chips nice reading your story God will always place us right where we need to be if one just places some trust. Good luck I was thinking of possibly either expanding into replacements as well. but have been throwing around the idea of PDR. let me know how it goes adding replacements.

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