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by t4k
December 6th, 2012, 1:24 pm
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Re: Can you make a decent living doing wsr?

A question for you, C.Ryan. What do you consider a decent living? Some would think $30K a year is decent and some would need $100K to make ends meet. No need to really answer that but you need to ask yourself this question. Working for yourself also takes a certain type of person. You have to be a s...
by benswindshieldrepair
March 25th, 2017, 10:50 pm
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Somewhere around 7 years ago, I went to Eugene, OR, and got trained to use Delta Kits equipment. At the time, I was worried about my employment due to political differences with my boss. I was worried I wouldn't have a job tomorrow and windshield repair offered me an avenue to pursue that would allo...